Palma Cathedral Opening Hours

Palma Cathedral, located in Mallorca, is open every day except for Sundays. 

Here is all you need to know about Cathedral Palma opening hours on your visit to Palma de Mallorca.

Here is a list of days the cathedral is open and closed. 

Palma Cathedral opening hours 

Summer hours from April to October

Summer hours from April to October
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The island city of Mallorca is known for its beaches and weather. The cathedral offers the best views during the summer when the city is lively.

You can also catch a glimpse of the famous rosette in action.

Monday – Friday10 am to 5.15 pm
Saturday10 am to 2.15 pm

The cathedral remains closed on Sundays.

Winter hours from November to March

Winter hours from November to March
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During the Winter months, the cathedral is open for lesser hours. Palma city doesn’t experience harsh winter, making it pleasant during this time.

Days Timings
Monday – Saturday 10 am to 3.15 pm

The cathedral remains closed on Sundays

Opening hours on public holidays

The Palma Cathedral opening times during the following public holidays are – 

24 June – Saint John10 am to 2.15 pm 
12 October – National Festival10 am to 2.15 pm

Cathedral Remains Closed on Christians observe holidays

Palma cathedral being one of the most prominent structures for the Christians, follows a catholic calendar. 

Hence on certain days when the Christians observe holidays, the cathedral is closed to the public.

1 JanuaryNew Year
6 JanuaryEpiphany
20 JanuarySaint Sebastian
1 MarchDay of the Balearic Islands
6 AprilMaundy Thursday
7 AprilGood Friday
10 AprilEaster Monday
1 MayInternational Workers day
15 AugustAssumption of Virgin Mary
1 November All Saints’ Day
6 DecemberConstitution Day
8 DecemberImmaculate Conception
24 DecemberChristmas Eve
25 DecemberNativity of the Lord
26 DecemberSecond Festival of Christmas
31 DecemberFestival of the standard

Best time to visit Palma Cathedral 

Catedral-Basílica de Santa María de Mallorca, also known as the Palma cathedral, is located on the island of Mallorca.

The best time to visit the island is from April to May and September to October when the days are warm and the city is less crowded. 

Around this time, most hotels and restaurants are open. It is also the prime time to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking.

Tourism in Mallorca increases in summer therefore, it is advised that you book tours and tickets earlier.

The best time to go to Palma cathedral is in the summer, from May to October, when one can access the terrace.

Visiting hours for Palma Cathedral is from 10 am to 2.15 pm, Monday to Saturday. 

The Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca remains closed on Sundays. 

Monday10 am to 2.15 pm
Tuesday10 am to 2.15 pm
Wednesday10 am to 2.15 pm
Thursday10 am to 2.15 pm
Friday10 am to 2.15 pm
Saturday10 am to 2.15 pm

It is good because you can take advantage of all the light through its great Gothic Eye from dawn until noon. 

To view the most prominent rosette in action, you must visit on the symmetrical dates of November 11 (11/11) and February 2 (2/2).

On these days, if the sun shines between 08:00 am and 09:00 am, the reflection from the rose window is projected on the opposite wall, just below the other.

This phenomenon causes the light to form a double Rosette.

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